Olá, realizei a compra do scanner com buds1 e ainda não tive a confirmação da compra.

Name: Cristiano
Country: Brasil
david, Hello, we provide a trial license. The trial license is valid for 3 days!

Name: Oleg
Country: Ukraine
I have the mpi3 amd want a trial of the new buds2 before i purchase

Name: david
Country: united states
Sorcerer, Please contact support where you purchased the diagnostic equipment.

Name: Admin
Country: Ukraine
BTW, this is a ski-doo snowmobile ecm that is in bootloader mode at the moment. Buds says FC file is missing on my computer at startup/read button is pressed. ECM has hardware no on backside sticker:

Name: Racing
Country: Norway
What to do if power is lost during BUDS update and ecm goes into bootloader mode ? How do i get the ecm up and running again ? I have sent an email, but havent got any reply. Thanks

Name: Racing
Country: Norway
You bought ESC siemens vdo mse 3.7 R / 1b and firmware 664,133! To take full advantage you need to flash the key!

Name: Admin
Country: Earth

we receive the electronic control unit. please let us know if this is new unit and there will be no programming required


jenni fer

Name: jennifer
Country: philippines
Sorry, I do not speak English.
I use a translator.
  I say in Russian
call +79787793007

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
You have already responded to E-mail. Your merchandise is sent today.

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
i pay for siemens vdo mse 3.7 R / 1b and send my proof of payment but no one is replying bakc. i tried to call but no one takes the line

Name: Jennifer
Country: Philiipines
Want to talk to you
Admin, call you call us

Name: dave
Country: NZ
Need to talk

Name: dave
Country: NZ

thank you for the feedback. how to order?


Name: jennifer
Country: Philippines
is, the price of 700 US dollars + shipping via EMS $ 70.

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
hi we would like to buy siemens vdo mse 3.7 R / 1b. please let us know how and if you could supply. please let us know how much as well.my email address is jenniferbroqueza@makatifoundry.com

Name: jennifer
Country: philippines
we are looking for seimens vdo mse 3.7. please give us price, how to order, and if you have the model we need

Name: jennifer
Country: philippines
hi we would like to buy siemens vdo mse 3.7 R / 1b. please let us know how and if you could supply. please let us know how much as well.

Name: jennifer
Country: philippines
Hello Paulo Bruno Fernandes Gomes,
Thank you purchased our product !
After the shipment of your order, we will contact you and let you know the tracking number of the parcel.

Name: Adnin
Country: Earth
Hi I paid for paypal yesterday, how many days you think that i recive the kit in Venezuela Thanks

Name: Paulo
Country: Venezuela
in Ukraine

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
Where are you located?

Name: Jet
Country: USA
We ship product to Canada.
We also ensures a technical support by e-mail

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
Can it ship out of Canada and is there tech support by phone or email

Name: Albert
Country: Canada
Hi Volkan,
Yes, I can send to Turkey Diagnostic system for BRP.

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
Hi, I am writing from Turkey. BRP DİAKNOSTİK want to buy the kit. What can I do for it? With what is coming. Can you send directly to Turkey? Waiting for reply from you. See you soon ...

Name: volkan
Country: Türkiye
I sent a trial license key Megatech to your email

Name: Admin
Country: Earth
I want to buy megatech license key to mpi-2 100003249.

Name: admin
Country: ukraine