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You need to return the device ULA to Factory mode
10.05.2024, 08:19

You need to return the device ULA to Factory mode.

1.To do this, the device must be disconnected from the OBD connector, place a powerful magnet in the area of the inscription on the front side of the device. After that, connect the connector and turn on the ignition key. Do not remove the magnet within 5 seconds, the device will return to the Factory firmware. All settings will also be reset, such as your Email and the settings of your Internet access point. Also, the settings of the built-in access point will return to the default values (ssid: ULA pass: 12345678).
2. Connect to the ULA access point using the password: 12345678. And open the page in the browser
3. In the PASS field, type “GOD”, then go to any other field, for example, to the EMAIL field. The page will update itself.

4. After that, you will see additional fields for setting the server IP address and port. You need to specify a new one!!! IP address, as well as your mail (which you specified during the first registration) SSID of your access point and password from it.

5. Click “Connect to server”. After that, you will see a list of firmware available to you. Then we proceed as usual.
P.S. These actions are performed once, then from any non-Factory firmware you can download another one in the normal mode. However, the steps will have to be repeated if you are forced to roll back to the Factory firmware using a magnet.

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