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Factory Firmware ULA
10.05.2024, 09:42

 Factory Factory firmware for ULA is designed for factory testing of the device and for obtaining the initial firmware from the server. The new device you receive comes with the Factory firmware preloaded. Let's see how to set up ULA and load one of the firmwares.

  1. Connect the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) connector of the vehicle to the device.
  2. Activate the vehicle to supply power via OBD, after which on your phone (tablet, computer) in the WiFi network settings, you should detect a new ULA network. Connect to it, the default password is 12345678. Upon successful connection, the WiFi LED will change its color from red to green.
  3. In the browser of your phone, enter the link to the device address, after which you will find yourself in the Factory version of the firmware. This is the factory mode that allows you to load the available firmware versions. In case of an unsuccessful update, there is an option to reset your device to this mode. I will explain how to do this further. Right now, you should see the adapter settings.

  1. You need to enter the data of your access point, which has internet access, to connect to the server and download the firmware you selected when purchasing, and your REAL Email address so that you receive additional information about updates for your device. Attention, if you do not enter your Email, you will not be able to download the firmware!!!.

If you have entered everything correctly, then after clicking the "Connect to server" button, you will see that the WiFi LED lights up red for a moment, and then, upon successful connection to your external access point, it will turn green. Make sure your smartphone is still connected to the ULA network (if you have not selected automatic connection to the device network, you will need to reconnect to the ULA network at address If everything was done correctly, the device is connected to the internet and ready to download the firmware of your choice (depending on the configuration you purchased). In my case, you can choose from two options, which are highlighted in green. The process of downloading all firmware is the same.

In this example, I select the first firmware "Lambda to CAN," after which a warning follows that the device should not be powered off during firmware update.


Then we see the firmware loading process.


And the successful completion of the firmware download.

Upon completion of the firmware download, the device will automatically reboot. You will lose connection with the device for a while, so I recommend setting up automatic connection to the ULA WiFi on your phone or tablet to avoid reconnecting to the device after reboot. We will see the updated window of the device ready for operation. In this case, it is the window of the just-loaded "Lambda to CAN" firmware.

If something goes wrong, such as the device losing power during firmware update, internet connection loss during the firmware download process, changing and forgetting the password for the device access point, etc., and the device stops working, you can revert the device to Factory mode. To do this, disconnect the device from the OBD connector, place a powerful magnet in the area near the inscription on the front side of the device. After that, reconnect the connector and turn on the ignition key. Do not remove the magnet for 5 seconds, and the device will revert to the Factory firmware. All settings will be reset, including your email and internet access point settings. The built-in access point settings will also revert to default values (SSID: ULA, password: 12345678).

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