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Tune firmware for GTR, GTS, GTI, GT 130HP to 155HP

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  • Manufacturer: Tune firmware for GTR, GTS, GTI, GT 130HP to 155HP
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Dius Flasher 4.0 allows you to replace or restore the standard firmware the other one standard or   by Tuning-firmware (with improved fuel card).

If  you have a  Jet Ski SEADOO and you want to improve your PWC through ECM (ECU) reprogramming, you can buy only one Tuning-File (firmware with improved fuel card), which you need for your PWC models.

A complete list of all standard and tune firmware that are currently available in the program database can be seen in the DIUS Flasher 4.0 program

Dius flasher kit is the same as the diagnostic kit of 4 TEC-/ E-TEC (MPI-2 or MPI-3 diagnostic interface + cable).   

Full description of the program can be found  here .

Download DIUS Flasher 4.0 User registration 

Very Important Note: 
When selecting ECU firmware - you should pay special attention to the number of the device  firmware and the ECU. 
Coordination numbers of hardware is necessary for successful completion of the ECU reprogramming process. 

The table below does not show all the firmware, after installing the program you can see all the available firmware at the moment

528 420666378 666,436.666376, 666 377, 666 378  130 GTI, GTI 130 SE, GTS 130 Rental and 99 
 GTI 130, GT 130 SE, GTS 130 and rent 99 
room equipment: 666 062 
TUNING: 155HP 8300 RPM

Please remember that the real figures depend on many factors:

  • fuel quality;
  • The purity of the nozzles;
  • The purity of the filter;
  • Overall engine wear;
  • Height above sea level;
  • and others.
Added to the catalog: Thursday, 25.05.2017
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