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DESS 4-TEC Interface

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  • Manufacturer: DESS 4-TEC Interface
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DESS 4-TEC Interface is designed to ADD/Erase DESS keys for 4-TEC SeaDoo and Skidoo vehicles.
Works in conjunction with the MPI-2, MPI-3 Interface. 
- Unlike the original DESS Post interface (p/n 529036019), this device allows you to add/erase keys only for 4-TEC vehicles. This allowed to reduce the cost of Diagnostic Kit for owners of 4-TEC vehicles. The necessity of using can be determined from BUDS Chart.
** Skidoo Power Interface (BRP p/n 515177223) comes in conjunction with the cable p/n 529035997. The necessity of using can be determined from BUDS Chart.


Diagnostic kit works in conjunction with software B.U.D.S. (BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software).  B.U.D.S. is a comprehensive multi-language diagnostic software that gives you an insight on BRP electronic modules.
BUDS is not a complicated program and the installation does not require much time and computer knowledge.
How to install and launch in demo mode, you can learn from:

 There are several types of licenses:
Dealer Skidoo = diagnosis of snowmobiles SkiDoo/Lynx
Dealer Roadster = diagnosis of tricycles Roadster SPYDER
Dealer SeaDoo = diagnosis of all SeaDoo vehicles
Dealer ATV  and  SSV  = diagnosis of Quads and Side-by-Side
All Dealers = SkiDoo + Roadster + PWC + Sport Boats + ATV + SSV
Megatech = is designed for advanced configuration of the electronic units, as well to clear the history and Information of blocks and to recover from incorrect updating. Megatech cover all BRP vehicles: SeaDoo, Can Am, Skidoo, Roadster. 
License Megatech can be purchased here.
If you want to try any license, please fill out this Request.
In reply we will send you the 7-days license + latest BUDS software.

We send a trial license only for MPI-2/3 Interfaces and only for BUDS 3-rd version.
BUDS 3-rd version does not support the MPI-1 Interfaces.
The serial number of MPI -2 Interface looks like this: 10000XXXX (where XXXX - can be any four numbers).
Correct serial number can be found on the top left corner of the "Access Privileges" window, or on the top menu MPI in the software BUDS, if MPI-2 Interface is plugged into the computer.


If you want to improve indices of speed and power of your vehicle, you can take advantage of the program DIUS ECU Flasher 4.0.
The full description of the program you can find here.

How is delivery delivered?

We ship diagnostic equipment worldwide.

EMS International (9-21 days) - USD 50

DHL International (4-10 days) - USD 90

License keys, firmware and software are delivered by e-mail within 1-24 hours. 




Added to the catalog: Friday, 26.05.2017
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