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3-in-1 DIUS ECM/Cluster Connection Interface DIUS-ECCI-01

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    • License for DIUS Flasher:
    • License MEGATECH for BUDS (1996-2016):
    • License MECHATRONIC for BUDS2 (vehicle 2017+):
    • DESS 4 Tec- E tec (4 in 1- built-in on pre-order ):
    • DESS+MPI-3 interface ( 5 in 1-built-in on pre-order ):
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Based on our many years of experience in the sale of diagnostic equipment for BRP vehicles (PWC SeaDoo, ATV, SSV and Spyder / Ryker Can-Am, snowmobiles Skidoo / Lynx), we have come to the conclusion that many repair shops need a unified adapter that would allow reduce the number of devices and wires required for maintenance. So we got the idea to develop such an adapter the 5-in-1 DIUS-ECCI-01D-MPI .

A big advantage over other equipment is the connection of the ECM on the table. Now, in order to service the ECM, the client does not need to drive the vehicle to you, it is enough to send it by mail. This service will allow you to expand the capabilities of your service and expand the circle of your customers from other regions or countries. 

The 5-in-1 ECM/Cluster Connection Interface DIUS-ECCI-01D (kit) is designed to ensure the performance of certain operations provided in the diagnostic software BUDS and BUDS2, as well as for the convenience of servicing electronic modules ECM (ECU) using the DIUS4 software (DIUS System, DIUS Flasher).

The 3-in-1 DIUS-ECCI-01 interface can be used in conjunction with MPI-2 or MPI-3 interface and DESS 4-TEC Interface

The 4-in-1 DIUS-ECCI-01D interface includes everything (4 in 1) + built-in DESS 4-Tec/ E-Tec interface can be used in conjunction with MPI-2 or MPI-3 interface.

The 5-in-1 DIUS-ECCI-01D-MPI includes everything (4 in 1) + built-in MPI-3 interface. 

In this one device, we have combined three:

  1. Power Interface (analog of BRP p/n 515177223) - unit voltage stability during software updates. The 12 V Battery Power Supply Cable (analog of BRP p/n 529035997) is included.
  2. ECM/Cluster Connection Interface (ECCI) is designed for connections "on the table".
  3. DESS 4-Tec/E-Tec Interface. Is designed for add/erase DESS keys for 4-TEC/E-Tec models.
  4. Built-in MPI-3 interface. 

2x “ECM/Cluster Adapters” (ECA) are included in the kit price.

Every adapter has a connector for a specific ECM model and outputs (terminals) for connecting different types of Clusters. 

At the moment we can offer adapters for the following ECM models:

  • ECA-Bosch for ME17.8.5 and Cluster.
  • ECA-Continental for M3C and Cluster.
  • ECA-Siemens for VDO MSE3.7 and Cluster (not available)


The  interface can be powered from a 220-240 volts default, (110 volts optional) outlet (power cable with EU plug is included) or from an external 12 volt battery connected to the Interface using a 12 V Battery Power Supply Cable.

The build-in Power Interface and power supply cable allows the connection of a fully charged external battery to provide stable voltage to the ECM/Cluster and BUDS2.

Stable voltage is essential to prevent update crashes. DO NOT use a charger on the battery during software updates. 

The interface connected to external battery can be used for extended diagnostic time. 

The  interface with or without the power supply cable will keep the ECM powered even if the ignition switch is turned off or the DESS key is removed. 

Also interface has a fuse protected voltmeter included and an extra fuse to protect from polarity inversion of the power supply cable. 


Using the 4-in-1 DIUS-ECCI-01D interface with ECA adapters you can connect the ECM and Cluster that are on your desk to your computer and perform the necessary maintenance without leaving home:

• Restore the ECM after update crashes – ECM in Boot Mode (software DIUS Option! ;

• Reprogram the ECM by stock or tuning firmware (software DIUS Option!);

• Change customer name; Option!;

• Change cluster language; Option!;

• Change cluster units; Option!;

• Reset Maintenance Hours; Option!;

• Change the VIN and Model numbers (Megatech/Mechatronic Expert privileges) Option!;

• Add/erase DESS keys (Normal/Learning/Rental) Option!;

• Enable/disable DESS system (Megatech/Mechatronic Expert privileges) Option!;

• Change the Total Vehicle Hours (SeaDoo ECM Bosch)  (Megatech/Mechatronic Expert privileges) Option!;

• ECM/Cluster firmware updating;

• Enable/disable vehicle’s options/modules/sensors (ACS, DPS, VTS, Depth Sounder, Lake Water Temp,  Air Suspension, Belt protection, Fan, Electromechanical reverse, Supercharger, iS, iBr, Cruise+Slow Speed, Ski Mode, Altitude, VTS Switch, other options, modules and sensors) (Megatech/Mechatronic Expert privileges) Option!;

• View Possible Causes and Service Actions Option!;

• View Faults Conditions (Speed, TPS, Intake PSI, Engine temp, Battery, Engaged Gear) Option!;

• Read and Erase Active and Occurred Faults. Option!


Pay attention that when connecting the BUDS/BUDS2 to the ECM outside the vehicle, a lot of Active errors appears. This is due to the ECM being unable to detect the necessary sensors that are usually connected when the ECM is connected inside the vehicle. When the ECM will be connected back to the vehicle system, all these Active errors will become "Occurred" and will not affect the operation of the vehicle. Errors are eliminated through the BUDS program, BUDS2 

Added to the catalog: Friday, 11.06.2021
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