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 Diagnostic Intellectual Universal System

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Chip tuning - is an electronic increase the capacity of vehicle.

Chip tuning refers to changing or modifying an EPROM in vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve better performance, whether it is more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel economy. The engine's manufacturers are generally using a conservative ECU map to allow for individual engine variations as well as infrequent servicing and poor-quality fuel. Vehicles with a remapped ECU may be more sensitive to fuel quality and to schedule of service.

The ECU of modern BRP vehicles, together with advanced engine technology, makes it possible to control many aspects of the engine's operation, such as spark timing and fuel injection. The ECU may also control electronic throttle control (drive-by-wire), valve timing, boost control (in turbocharged engines), speed governor (if equipped).

Modern ECUs of BRP vehicles can be tuned by updating of their software through a standard interface such as MPI-2 adapter or IXXAT adapter. This procedure is commonly referred as "ECU-tuning”.

Performance gains are realized by adjusting the ignition timing advance. Higher timing may result in higher performance. However, to cope with advanced timing, one must run high-octane gasoline to avoid pre-ignition detonation or pinging. Manufacturers design for a specific timing and this may limit performance accordingly.
Most manufacturers of vehicles are customizing their ECU for optimum emissions and fuel economy purposes which can limit performance.


The most common way to 'upgrade' the ECU is using either plug in modules or using a specialist tuner who will use an OBD Flash tool. These devices generally plug into the diagnostic port although in some cases the reprogramming is done directly on the circuit board (opening of ECU, replacing of the chip with EEPROM).



We offer you a way to restore or improve the firmware in ECU (ECM) of your BRP vehicle without opening the housing of the module ECU.


We present to you our software DIUS Flasher 


DIUS Flasher is primarily intended for advanced users and repair workshops.

DIUS Flasher allows you to restore or replace the standard (default) firmware by another one standard or tuning firmware (with improved fuel maps) in ECUs of 4-TEC and E-TEC models of BRP vehicles (SeaDoo, Can Am, SkiDoo).

DIUS Flasher does not offer the ability to change data of firmware (fuel maps, fuel pressure, RPM range, etc.).

The program works in Windows XP SP3 and in Windows 7 with the original adapter IXXAT and with the MPI-2, MPI-3 Interface.

Thanks to the DIUS Flasher you can restore or replace the firmware in the models of ECU such as:

  • Siemens VDO MSE 3.7 R/xx (date of manufacture 2004-2017)
  • BOSCH Motronic ME17.8.5..

Manufacture Date of ECU Siemens VDO MSE 3.7 is listed on the label, as shown below.

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